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shaman king rules

shaman king rules

i have been a fan of it for years but never really drew anything from it.
doodled this while having a break from painting.


2.10.2011 part 2

I watched HUNTERXHUNTER today and wow, it was amazing. the Ending for this anime is something that i dont think i can get out of my head XD


King krokus from my manga HUNT.

its still in development ^^

just a doodle XP


I drew this a few weeks back for my flatmates birthday.

im glad he liked it 🙂

im now in my final few weeks of my second year at uni. i cant wait till it ends to be honest. My life has suddenly taken a huge flip.

im going to go into hospital tomorrow for an opp im really scared. I know it will make me better but i cant help but feel scared.

my nan is really ill and im worried sick about her, my uni course isnt going to well either i failed my last essay because i was so worried about my nan and my own health. i feel like a failure 😦


anyway sorry for the emo rant lol


for my girlfriend 🙂

she loves Zelda ❤

not as much as i love her though haha


My first attempt of doing some concept art for HUNT

night all


Daily doodle 4

I need to practaice drawing heads more haha

next week its back on to bodies ect

off to do some food shopping 😀